Substance Abuse and Addiction in the Oil Industry

oil industry substance abuse addictionAddiction is a difficult thing to defeat in any walk of life, but in Alberta’s oil industry, there is a particularly difficult addiction phenomenon taking place. The accessibility of alcohol and drugs due to enormous wages, integrated with uniquely rough working conditions, has created an addiction problem in Fort MacMurray today of extreme proportions. Alberta’s network of rehab centers have done all they can with the resources they have, but they are not numerous enough to eradicate the issue. It is essential that proper inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment be offered to oil workers.

When substance misuse is consuming an individual’s life, often to the point of physical reliance on the substance, they need expert intervention in order to confront their trouble and permanently end it. This indicates that expert intervention services must be used to talk to the abuser about their trouble, along with the arrangement of an inpatient medical facility to watch the individual during their detoxification, a treatment facility to safely separate the individual from the thing they are addicted to, extensive individual counselling sessions to take care of the underlying troubles that create addiction and ongoing treatment after the program to guarantee continued sobriety.

There is no point in an oil employee bypassing addiction therapy and suffering in silence. If the rehabilitation support services of Alberta can not fulfill the requirements of addicted individuals in the oil industry, then oil workers must look outside of Alberta. Many oil business permit a leave of absence for drug abuse rehabilitation, and they are aware that rehabilitation must be prioritized over all else. Addiction is taking the lives of oil workers through disease, overdose and self-destruction at alarming rates, and preventative measures should be taken.