Reasons why oil workers get addicted

For any country that has oil as one of her major sources of revenue, the oil industry is usually one of the largest.

As you can expect, several people would be drawn to working in the oil industry because of the high salary. Not minding the job demands, most people feel the money would make up for it.

The interesting thing about the oil industry is, you don’t need the highest level of education to get started.

Different countries have their required academic qualification but it is not as high as everyone thinks. It is important to mention that one of the downsides of the oil industry is the addiction that comes with it.

Here are some reasons why oil workers get addicted


Oil workers are greatly stressed and the reason for this is not far-fetched. The oil industry is highly demanding due to the need to produce a high volume of oil daily. Hence, oil workers are expected to work round the clock to meet these demands.

Even though they take turns at work, there is little or no time for them to rest. To tackle this stress, oil workers abuse drugs or alcohol. And at first, they are temporarily relieved but with time, they discover they need more to remain stable.

At this stage, their addiction sets in because they need the addictive substances to remain stable.

Peer pressure

Oil workers are usually friends and acquaintances with one another so they share many things in common. Several oil workers abuse either drugs or alcohol and it is expected that their colleagues would follow suit in due time.

Inability to relax properly

It is common knowledge that oil workers are greatly stressed and most of them don’t know how to de-stress.

Hence, they indulge in addictive habits to help them relax. It is important to mention that asides drug and alcohol addiction, there are other types of addiction like gambling, internet, sex addiction, etc.